Container gardening is an awesome way to grow plants or vegetables when you're short on space or just don't have a lot of experience gardening and want to start learning. The smaller the garden space is the less of a time commitment it is as well, so you can enjoy the learning process without getting overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to be done.

To be clear, container gardening just means planting plants in containers instead of into the ground. At first it might not sound like an appealing option visually, but if you can find some pots that you love it certainly can be. In fact some people actually prefer the aesthetic since it does feel like it pops a bit. It's also possible to move containers around, which means there is flexibility within your own garden and if you ever need to move you can take your plants with you.Get vegetable garden ideas here!

When you're planting in pots you can either stick to a single type of plant in each container or you can mix and match, but always do some research to find out which plants prefer similar growing conditions. It wouldn't make sense for example to put together a plant that love sunshine and tons of water with a plant that only need a little and is comfortable in the shade.

You also want to make sure and choose the right size container hydroponics for beginners for each type of plant that you are hoping to grow. Some plants will outgrow certain container quickly and their growth will be stifled if they are in something small. Other plants prefer the smaller space. It's easy to find out which is which with a simple search online. Potting containers also come in a wide variety of materials, which can be an important consideration as well. Options might range from plastic to ceramic pots.

Another bonus about container gardening is that you are choosing the soil the plants go in, which means that you know it's going to be good. It might seem like plants grow naturally quite easily, but the truth is that there needs to be a happy blending of elements to get a plant happy in soil, and sometimes a yard just doesn't provide what is needed. There are many different plants that can be happy within pots both indoor and out, including herbs, flowers, and even vegetables.You can also learn more tips on small space gardening by checking out the post at http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/225753/garden-and-landscape-design/26262/Japanese.