If you are new to gardening you might consider doing it in a small space to start. You might be limited by space at is it is, but even if you aren't there are benefits to starting out small before expanding. For one thing when you are working in a smaller space there is less work to be done, and this can help avoid burnout in your new hobby. For another thing it's easier to control the elements when you're focusing on planting in containers versus the ground with a larger garden.

Container gardening can be done both inside the home and outside, and is appropriate for a wide variety of plant types like vegetables, herbs, succulents, and flowers. When you are container gardening you get to choose the type of plants and pots that you would like to be looking at so there's a lot of room for playing around with color combinations. Getting creative with the options is one of the more fun things about the process.

One thing to know about container gardening at https://ezgardenhub.com/vertical-vegetable-gardens/ though is though the pots tend to dry out faster than the soil would in the ground since it's less dense. That means that you either have to water the plants more often with a watering container, or that you'd have to figure out how to build a watering system which is absolutely possible to do on your own.

To give you an idea about the options at https://ezgardenhub.com/aquaponics-vs-hydroponics/ you might consider, think about strawberry fountains, hanging succulents, window herb gardens, that sort of thing. There are tons of plants that are comfortable living in containers as long as they have the right type of container, correct size, great soil, and are only paired with other plants that they can agree on those things with.

There is a lot to learn about which plants do better in pots then others, but the learning part is a really fun part of the process. Do some research and then make the choices that work the best for you and your space. The nice thing about container gardening is that you can always expand you garden as much as you want without having to disrupt the plants that you already have planted. You can also move them around as much as you want, which reorganizing is a cinch and so is moving them to another location entirely if that's in the cards.For more facts and information regarding small space gardening, you can go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/03/beautiful-home-gardens-photos_n_3185666.html.